Crescent City Clouds: New Orleans Vape Shop
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Stash E-liquids

While Stash's collection may seem small, certainly when compared to vendors that offer 100+ flavors, each of our creations are unique, flavor dense, harmoniously balanced, and decidedly complex. 


Dark Star

A dense, rich, bready vanilla custard with dark undertones of chocolate and's darned tasty straight from the mailbox, but with patience, this one reaches a whole new level after 2-3 weeks of aging, and continues to evolve from there.


Lushington- A new twist on the old Peaches and Cream, imparting the fruit with a rich, custard-like note.


PB & Jam- Smooth, creamy peanut butter, alongside sweet strawberry preserves, the perfect combination you always hoped to find inside your lunchbox...You can even taste a hint of soft, white bread (with the crusts cut off)!


Valhalla- Our take on the classic Key Lime Pie. Bright, bold citrus fruit and rich, decadent creams paired with a sweet graham cracker crust on the finish.