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Vaping in Cold Weather

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As the hot air dissipates through the US, now is the time to keep in mind some cold weather vaping tips. 

Since coils nowadays are mainly built with organic cotton or ceramic, all vapers should keep in mind that cold weather thickens e-liquid. If you are prone to chain vaping, make sure you allow enough time for the coils to rewick. If not enough time is given, the dreaded dry hit will creep up on you. As heat is applied to e-liquid, it will thin out and hopefully help with the wicking of the coil.

Battery Safety In Cold Weather

As far as battery safety goes, the same rules apply to hot weather. Keep all batteries in cases when not in use. Don’t leave batteries in cars or on chargers unattended. Battery life may last a little longer or shorter depending on temperature and use of the device.


Backups to your Backups

If you can, make sure you have extra coils on you at all times since cold weather tends to bring the stress out in people. If you are getting more and more dry hits, all you have to do is use the coil as a dripper and basically drip your e-liquid onto the coil directly, like you are priming the coil. Make sure you wait a minute or two to make sure the cold does not affect the e-liquid soaking into the coil.


The last thing you want is to waste your harder earned e-liquid on a dry hit.

Vape on and Prosper!

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