Crescent City Clouds: New Orleans Vape Shop
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Crescent City Clouds: The Final flavor of the Lagniappe Line

Crescent City Clouds: New Orleans Best Vape Shop- Ben-Yay!- New Orleans Beignet
Crescent City Clouds: New Orleans' Best Vape Shop
Ben-Yay! - New Orleans Styled Beignet
Part of the new Lagniappe Line.
A staple of New Orleans food, the beignet(Pronounced "ben-yay") is a must to try if you are in the Crescent City. A funnel cake styled doughnut with a mound of powdered sugar on top. 
Ben-yay! brings this doughy, sugary, late night/early morning snack straight to your tastebuds in this sure to be hit of a flavor.
This flavor is 70VG/30PG.

Lagniappe(pronounced "Lan-yap") is a southern term for "a little something extra." In addition to the higher PG ratio (which adds more flavor), every 120ml order will receive a FULL 30ml unicorn bottle of the same flavor aka "a little something extra."

150ml of e-liquid for the price of a 120ml!!!!!

This way you can use the 30ml unicorn bottle to fill up if you don't want to take the 120ml bottle around with you.

Available in 30ml unicorn bottles or 120ml plastic bottles(with a little something extra :P).

Stop by today to try some of the best e-liquid on the market.
Crescent City Clouds
4344 Earhart Blvd. Ste. C
New Orleans, LA. 70125

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