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Guide to Vaping at Jazzfest

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The Guide to Vaping at Jazz Fest 
The biggest event in New Orleans outside of Mardi Gras is here and with it looms the annual debate over what attendees can, can't, should, and shouldn't bring to Jazz Fest.

You want your experience to be as stress-free as possible. Whether you're a newbie or a fest vet, everyone has to play by the same rules so we compiled a few vaping tips to help make your time at Jazz Fest big and easy, including a few other critical suggestions.

For a full list of what's allowed and prohibited for 2016, click here.

Recommended Reinforcements

In addition to the vaping kit you already bring everywhere, grab a bag and store the following items as backup for your upcoming quest to the Fest. Just be sure the bag is no larger than 17” x 12” x 10”.


There's nothing worse than a dead electronic device. Well, there are but not for the sake of this article. This is the absolute worst. Tuck a few extra batteries in a separate case to keep your device from going into the light. Make sure they stay out of extreme heat and direct sunlight as this causes them to overheat and short. Don't have any extra ones on hand? We have pre-charged batteries available so you don't have to wait to for them to power-up if your device is running low on power. Stop by the shop and grab some on your way down to the fest!

A backup plan comes in pretty handy when you get in a jam, and you need one if your device's coil goes out. Like the spare tire you're supposed to have in your trunk, have a backup coil ready to go in case the first one bites the dust. Also a great idea to bring some extra cotton if you use a RBA/RTA. There is nothing worse than a dry hit at Congo Square.

Murtaugh and Riggs. Mulder and Scully. Han and Chewie. Ren and Stimpy? Everyone needs a good partner who backs them up. Make sure you have a secondary e-liquid that can pick up the slack when your primary one is struggling, out of commission, or you want to change it up. Just make sure that any bottle you bring in is not made of glass or they will act like a parent and make you go put it away before allowing you in. If you only have glass bottles stop by the shop and we will GIVE you a free 30ml unicorn bottle. This way you can vape on while rocking out.

This is a biggie. If you don't have a tank you don't have vape. And if you don't get to vape you don't get to appease the vape gods, and you know what that means—Nickelback plays another concert somewhere in the world as punishment. Seriously, not having a backup tank can leave you in a bad mood and that's the last thing you need when trying to enjoy an amazing experience like Jazz Fest. Pack a backup.

Critical Choices


The unrelenting sun. For hours. And hours. With almost no shade. Nearly 4 million people are treated for skin cancer in the U.S. each year as the most commonly diagnosed (and preventable) cancer, yet most people don't take it as seriously as they should. It can be as serious as a heart attack...for the skin. More than 10,000 people will die of it in 2016 when they totally shouldn't. Lather up before you walk out the house, hotel, or wherever you're starting out and bring some with you for the day. Throw on a hat for added protection. You'll thank us later. Believe me.
The Skin Surgery Centre in Metairie recommends a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays with SPF 30 or higher. For extended periods of sun exposure, re-apply thoroughly every 2-4 hours, depending on how much you sweat, you sexy beast you. Click here for help selecting the right sunscreen. Not sure how best to protect your skin from the sun? Click here.

Ever see the movie Waterworld? That's what your body needs to be like for this festival. Continually hydrate throughout the day by drinking water—a lot—especially if you plan on consuming any alcohol. It's extremely easy to get heat stroke or worse if you let your body become Dryworld.

Medical experts say fatigue, lethargy, headaches, inability to focus, dizziness, and lack of strength are all possible signs of dehydration. One of the best ways to see how hydrated you really are is to look at your pee. If your urine is anything but clear, you need to get more water into your body. If it's coming out as beer, you may want to see a doctor.

How much should you drink? Well, water at least. Remember this simple formula: Ha
lf your body weight (pounds) in ounces is how much water you should be drinking each day, and if you're sweating profusely, throw in a sports drink to ensure proper electrolyte replenishment. By the way, the Festival allows you to bring in factory-sealed bottled water for personal consumption. Yahtzee!

Bring a collapsible, folding chair so you can park yourself somewhere other than on the ground, sitting with crossed legs. You're not in elementary school anymore and your knees know it. Plus, with all the walking you'll be doing to, within, and from the festival grounds, your legs and back will graciously accept your mercy.

Don't get caught in a pinch and not have money on hand. You never know when you'll need some or how much, so it's good to bring both a little bit of cash and a credit card—just because you bring it doesn't mean you have to use it, Mr./Mrs. Money Bags, but it's better to have it than not.

Mindful Matters


Be a considerate vaper. 
Don't blow huge clouds in front of children or in the faces of concert-goers It's not cool—even if you can blow rings. Well, the ring blowing is cool, just not when it's in the direction of someone. It makes non-vapers look at us almost the same as they do regular smokers and creates a negative perception. Be a good ambassador for vaping community everywhere.

After festing, you might decide to continue the celebration at some local watering holes. Remember that vaping is no longer allowed in New Orleans bars. It's unfortunate since we aren't smoking and, according to many big-brained guys in white lab coats, there aren't any second-hand effects like those from regular cigarettes. In fact, we find that many non-vapers like the smell of our clouds, and if they don't they're lying. We kid, we kid. Just please be mindful of your surroundings when it comes to vaping in public.

By The Way, My Friends, we might be Road Trippin' to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers for One Hot Minute. So, call before you come—we may close early Saturday, April 24th. See you on the Otherside!

Additional Advice

- Pack lightly
- Pace yourself
- Make sure to eat some Crawfish Bread!
- Wear comfy clothing and shoes you don't care about
- Don't rely too heavily on your phone
- Prepare mentally for long waiting and large crowds
- Coordinate with others where you will meet if separated
- Make note of where security, first aid, and restrooms are located
Identify where the closest exits are located
For other tips check out our blog post- Vaping in Cold Weather

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