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5 30mls for $50
5 30mls for $50 $ 75.00 $ 50.00

Choose your favorite 5 flavors and your preferred nicotine level from Crescent City Clouds. All for just $50.   Note:...

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Beta Flavor- Pineapple Sherbet
Beta Flavor- Pineapple Sherbet $ 15.00

People have been asking so we will deliver. This is a limited release of our newest flavor-Pineapple Sherbet Labels will...

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Dat Mint
Dat Mint from $ 15.00

Dat Mint hits you with a blast of mint on the inhale and a smooth dark chocolate exhale rounds the...

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Endymion from $ 10.00

A delectable blueberry cheesecake with a graham cracker crust. This flavor is MAX VG.

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foo joo
Foo Joo from $ 15.00

Foo Joo is one of the more complex flavorings that Crescent City Clouds has created. It consists of four different...

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Hermes from $ 10.00

A honeydew and pineapple blend with many other fruits layered within. This flavor is MAX VG.

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Iris from $ 10.00

Creamy Strawberry Cupcake topped with a coconut aftertaste. This flavor is MAX VG.

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Majesty from $ 10.00

A smooth, full bodied tobacco bolstered with a delicious touch of cinnamon. This flavor is MAX VG.

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Muses from $ 10.00

Juicy strawberry and peach blend with a twist of sweetness. This flavor is MAX VG.

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Orpheus from $ 10.00

A menthol tobacco blend that has a soothing exhale. This flavor is MAX VG.

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Rebirth from $ 15.00

Rebirth rejuvenates your taste buds. This pear and lime mixture makes your taste buds feel reborn. This flavor is part...

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Thoth from $ 10.00

Pronounced "Toe-th" Savory nut bread sprinkled with vanilla and chocolate. This flavor is MAX VG.

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Throw Me Something Sample Pack
Throw Me Something Sample Pack $ 25.00

5- 15ml bottles of your choice from the Crescent City Clouds line at your choice of nicotine %.   We...

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Tucks from $ 10.00

A delicious honeydew, strawberry, and pear concoction. This flavor is MAX VG.

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Zulu from $ 10.00

A shot of coconut with a subtle watermelon undertone. This flavor is MAX VG.

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Crescent City Clouds hails from the Big Easy, New Orleans. Our juice is hand crafted to perfection and strives to produce a crisp, clean vaping experience. The Max VG formula ensures full flavor as well as giant clouds, we do have clouds in our name after all. All flavors were created under one goal, to produce all day vaping pleasure. Each flavor has at least four different flavoring agents in them to create complexity, allowing each individual vapor to have their own user experience while still having the same fantastic common punch of flavor. Hopefully you enjoy the juice as much as we have enjoyed created them.